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Elements Gallery was permanently closed from Sunday 22 March 2020.


A sensory and hands on experience, this gallery will delight all ages. 

Through the theme of the four elements, families will be taken on a journey through the natural world, touching rocks and shells or daring to put your hands in the feely boxes. Continue around this gallery and listen to bird calls, play on musical instruments and feel the temperatures of different climates. Pick up your trail at the start of the gallery and collect the stickers as you explore.

For Families

Elements explores natural history through specimens and landscapes in many surprising ways. The gallery draws its inspiration from the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

In the Earth section you can discover amazing rocks, minerals and fossils, including an ichthyosaur and a huge ammonite. There are rocks that glow in bright colours under ultra violet light. Explore the texture, shapes ands patterns of sea shells and create your own land art in the Water section. Our fantastic collection of exotic butterflies is featured in the Air section where you can also experience bird songs through sight, hearing and touch. The Fire section explores different natural environments and visitors can make their own music from instruments created from found objects such as tiles, metal and wood.

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