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Arts Society Coventry | Lectures Launch

Given the current uncertainties about the coronavirus, the launch of the The Arts Society Coventry (TASC) has been postponed until September 22nd.

(Coventrie Tapestrie (Sheldon Tapestry) courtesy of Warwickshire Museum Service via The Arts Society.)


Given the current uncertainties about the coronavirus, the launch of the The Arts Society Coventry (TASC) has been postponed until September 22nd.

Join The Arts Society for their inaugural lecture at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

‘Selfies, self-expression, celebrity and the Victorian carte de visite’ an intriguing look from popular accredited lecturer and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Hill.

The Arts Society welcomes new members and will be meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month. All lectures will commence at 7.00pm in the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry and have a duration of approximately one hour. The Art Gallery & Museum will open specially for Arts Society members and their guests at 6.30pm.

Lectures | Dates & times to be updated due to postponement of event.

Tuesday 24 March | Mark Hill

Selfies, Self-Expression, Celebrity and the Victorian Carte de Visite

Many of us think the selfie is an invention of our modern times. This lecture will show that it actually has its roots in the Victorian era.

Tuesday 28 April | Douglas Skeggs

Titian, The First Modern Artist

A new perspective on the work of this great 16th century artist.

Tuesday 26 May 2020 | Adam Busiakiewicz

The Art of Melancholy

An investigation into how and why artists and musicians have portrayed this condition in their work.

Tuesday 23 June 2020 | Bertie Pearce

The Punch & Judy Show

A look at this traditional and controversial form of entertainment.

Tuesday 22 September 2020 | Francis Woodman 

Medieval Buildings in Coventry

Coventry is not the first place most people associate with medieval buildings, yet despite the horror of the blitz, much survives including buildings of great charm and quality.

Tuesday 27 October 2020 | Sarah Dunant

The Creative Courtesan

Titian’s Venus of Urbino is just one of a number of Renaissance masterpieces that celebrate the beauty of the female form. But who were the women who modelled for such paintings?

Tuesday 24 November 2020 | Sian Walters

Raphael - A Master in the Making

Raphael is often referred to as one of the three giants of the High Renaissance in Italy, alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, yet his fame and position in the canon of art history may seem hard to explain.

Tuesday 26 January 2021 | Frank Woodgate

Turner Prize Explained

Seen as a showcase for British art by some and utter rubbish by others, we take a look at this controversial art prize.

Tuesday 23 February 2021 | Dr Neil Faulkner

Lawrence of Arabia

Based on new archaeological evidence, we take a look at the contrast between the myth and the man.

Tuesday 23 March 2021 | Lynne Gibson

Women in Art: Artists, Gentileschi to Emin

Often overlooked in art history, this lecture investigates female artists from the Baroque period to the present day.

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