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Breaking the News

The news has shaped the world we live in for centuries - visit the Coventry Archives for this display.

A newspaper clipping from an old Coventry newspaper, with the headline "Wednesday Night's Post"
Jopsons Coventry Mercury – post 1747

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Designed for age 18+

Today we carry it everywhere we go. As the news faces the existential threats of a post-truth, fake news world, this new exhibition in libraries across the UK examines the vital role it plays in all our lives.

Inspired by the UK’s biggest news collection, which dates to the 1500s and grows daily. Delve into the stories that have shaped your local news and discover who has helped shape the news as we know it today. What makes the news where you live? How does a local story become a headline grabber or how does someone make it into the history books? Examine the news in your community including defining stories from Mary Ball the last women to be hanged in Coventry, to the 1940 Blitz. The displays in libraries across the UK run alongside Breaking the News, a major new exhibition at the British Library. 

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