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AccessCult - Museum Access for All

Culture Coventry is a partner in a European Union funded project, AccessCult, which aims to make cultural venues more accessible for all.  

Museum icon with Access Cult written in blueOne billion people live with some form of disability (WHO), at EU level, about 24% of persons aged 16 and over declared a disability, furthermore the aging EU population is growing intensely. The number of people with access needs is therefore significant and growing. Equal integration into society, including travelling and experiencing cultural heritage is a real challenge. Cultural heritage (museums, galleries, monuments etc) provide significant opportunity for social inclusion, sense of community, informal education and lifelong learning; as such accessibility should not be a barrier! Better inclusion through cultural heritage interpretation is not just about social responsibility but is a business imperative representing market potential for tourism. This project tackles this need through education of students, future experts, but also current cultural heritage staff to improve access for all.

The project brings together expertise from nine partners across Europe.

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