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Peace & Reconcilliation

The Peace and Reconciliation gallery tells the story of Coventry's role in promoting peace and reconciliation around the world. 

This grew out of the city's experiences in the Second World War and especially the Blitz of 14 November 1940, when more than 500 people were killed and the Cathedral was destroyed. Just a few weeks after the Blitz the Cathedral Provost, Richard Howard, made a speech from the ruins calling for forgiveness for those who had carried out the attack. After the war Coventry actively developed links with other cities which had suffered similar destruction including those in former enemy countries such as Dresden. Today many agencies and individuals in the city work to promote peace and reconciliation.

The gallery features key objects and artworks from the museum's collection, including John Piper's iconic painting of the ruins of Coventry Cathedral on the morning after the Blitz. There are also many fascinating personal stories of the Coventry Blitz and experiences of conflict in other parts of the world. Together they tell this poignant and unique part of Coventry's history.

For Families

This interactive galley encourages visitors to explore Coventry as a centre for peace and reconciliation.

Look at objects found after the Coventry Blitz. Families will be appropriately introduced to ideas and discussions around peace and conflict.