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Coventry Archives

Want to donate material to Coventry Archives? 

Coventry Archives will always collect material that it has a statutory duty to acquire generated by Coventry City council and other local authority offices.  We also wish to collect archive items that reflect the history of Coventry and the lives and experiences of all different groups of people, both past and present.

We collect original:

  • Paper and parchment manuscripts
  • Printed and published material including books, pamphlets, newspapers, and periodicals
  • Photographs, slides and negatives, both published and unpublished
  • Maps: Ordnance Survey and those with specialist data
  • Building plans
  • Audio/Audio Visual recordings on film, DVD, video tape and CD or computer generated
  • Computer-generated records

We do not collect:

  • Photocopies of original material
  • Any objects – please speak to the Museum Curators separately
  • Any material that is outside of the geographical boundary of Coventry
  • Any material that is of a poor condition, unless it is deemed to be of historical significance

If you think you have items which would fit well in the Coventry Archives collection, please get in touch via email or telephone. We will then be able to check your material against our collection. If we are able to accept your donation, we will send you a Donations Form to complete.

To make a donation enquiry, please contact the Archives team via email at or by calling 024 7623 7583.


We currently have a high number of donations to process:

As a result, we are only able to process urgent donations at this present time. We categorise urgent donations as those which could be lost or severely damaged if they are not relocated to another facility within the next couple of months. This may be because of issues with the current storage of the material. If your donation is urgent then please contact the Archives team, by telephone on 024 7623 7583 or by email at 

For non-urgent donations, we please request that you contact us at the end of December 2023.