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Social and Industrial History overview

The Herbert's Social and Industrial History collection charts the history and development of Coventry and the lives and experiences of its people, past and present. It covers all aspects of life in Coventry.

The collection consists of around 35,000 objects – everything from photographs and Christmas cards to coins and medals, domestic items, silk ribbons and furniture.

The collection's strength is its ability to tell the stories of Coventry people, companies and organisations.

One of the key areas covers life on the home front in Coventry during the Second World War. Our collection includes an Anderson air raid shelter, gas masks, ration books, Civil Defence uniforms, medals and utility furniture.

The domestic life section includes a range of items relating to the home lives of Coventry people, from a fine collection of radios, televisions and sewing machines, many made in Coventry, to domestic cleaning and cooking items.