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After The End Of History: British Working Class Photography 1989 – 2024

A collection of British working-class photography 1989 – 2024, curated by Johny Pitts.

                                                                                                    Photo © Serena Brown, Clayponds, 2018, Courtesy the artist.

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Hayward Gallery Touring’s After the End of History brings together contemporary working class artists who use photography to explore the nuances of working class life in all its diversity.

The exhibition, curated by Johny Pitts, emphasises the perspectives of practitioners who turn their gaze towards both their communities and outwards to the wider world. The year 2024 marks 35 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, signifying the end of Communism and the rise of Western Liberal Democracy. The exhibition questions the fate of working class culture post the 'End of History’, exploring identity, creativity and the imagery produced by the working class over the past three decades.


Artists in the exhibition will include: Richard Billingham, Sam Blackwood, Serena Brown, Antony Cairns, Rob Clayton, Joanne Coates, Josh Cole, Artúr Čonka, Elaine Constantine, Natasha Edgington, Richard Grassick, Anna Magnowska, Rene Matić, J A Mortram, Kelly O'Brien, Eddie Otchere, Kavi Pujara, Khadija Saye, Chris Shaw, Trevor Smith, Ewen Spencer, Hannah Starkey, Igoris Taran, Nathaniel Télémaque, Barbara Wasiak, Tom Wood.