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Final Fridays x Cross-Pollination

Join us for our inaugural Final Friday event celebrating the beauty of nature!

Book Online | From FREE* | Ages 18+

Learn how to make wildflower seed-bombs to use in your garden, craft a pompom bumble bee, and step into the wonderful world of flower pressing and herbarium making - all while enjoying a drink at our bar, and some live music and entertainment.

We'll also have Curious Oddities artist, Tom Ellis, in-house running the Quaff and Foss workshop - can't wait to see you there!

*Admission tickets are FREE, with an optional additional cost for drinks at the bar and the Quaff and Foss workshop



Quaff and Foss | 6pm - 8.30pm
Book Online or Drop In| £16.96 per person (includes drink)

Join Tom of Curious Oddities on a quest to create your very own fossil, as you sculpt and shape clay into the remnants of creatures that once roamed the Earth.

In this evening workshop, you can relax and a purchase a drink at the Herbert Bar while taking part.

Experience the thrill of discovery as you mould clay with various tools and artefacts into the bones and imprints of dinosaurs long gone. With each stroke and indentation, you'll breathe life into your own unique fossil. So, prepare to travel back through the ages and craft your very own prehistoric masterpiece.

All under the guidance of artist Tom Ellis, who creates creatures and fantastical props for his day job. Unearth the artist within and let your imagination take flight, as you become a part of a prehistoric world where clay becomes fossil.

Find out more about Tom Ellis:
Instagram | Facebook | X | Website

Wildflower Seed Bomb Workshop | 6pm - 8.30pm

Join us for a hands-on experience where you can create your own wildflower seed bombs! These eco-friendly bombs are not only fun to make but also serve as vital habitats for our beloved bees and butterflies. Learn about the importance of native wildflowers while crafting your bombs, and then take them home to scatter in your garden. Watch as these seeds sprout into vibrant blossoms, adding beauty and sustenance to your outdoor space.




PomPom Pollinators Crafting | 6.00pm - 8.30pm

Indulge your creative side this Spring by crafting adorable pom-pom bees! Join us for a fun-filled crafting session where you'll learn how to fashion pom-poms into buzzing bees. Decorate them with vibrant colours and take home your own fuzzy pollinator to adorn your living space or give as a thoughtful gift.




Live Music


Stone Anthem:

Stone Anthem is the ongoing ambient/experimental recording and live project from 16 year old, Coventry based Archie Ingram.
I try to explore the human spirit and its environments with the use of sound, pushing it to the outer limits. I try to pull together atmospheres and distant lands, through different mediums as a means to make an experimental journey feel somewhat blissful and beautiful.

Using a combination of analogue and digital synthesis, cassette tape loops, reel to reel tape manipulation and guitars, I want to make a stratosphere of bliss, hence the debut album title. I’ve played with people and received guidance from Pete Bassman, Finlay Shakespeare, Sonic Boom and Panda Bear. Everything so far in terms of visuals, and backdrops etc has all been made myself. And I wish to continue performing live and writing and releasing new material.
My debut album ‘Between the Bliss’ was released on limited edition vinyl which sold out within 8 minutes, and has been received positively and has created a small buzz.


VIEON is the electronic music project of Matt Wild, based in Coventry, UK. Expanding to a live four-piece including VJ Adrian Brian Thompson, sound engineer Stephen Dorphin and keyboardist Ricardo Autobahn, their sound is inspired by 70s and 80s electronic film soundtracks and lush synthpop filtered through a long-time appreciation for post-rock and IDM.

Debut album The Sound of the Future released on AnalogueTrash in 2014, soon followed by concept album Fly By Light, dealing with themes of exploration, loss and opportunity; an immediate hit with critics including Emily Oldfield of Louder Than War who described it as “a trip you certainly won’t regret taking… powerful music opening up new mind space”.

VIEON have raised their profile dramatically in recent years with a series of engaging audio-visual shows in the UK and Europe famed for their dramatic and ambitious scope, including banks of synthesizers, theremin, keytar, live-produced projections, and synchronised light display. These culminated at the end of 2019 in the sold-out Lost Worlds Live shows in Coventry and Manchester.