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Waste Time: a Do

Inspired by Journeys with 'The Waste Land'

What is a Do?

A 'Do' is....

A place to join in and a place to do nothing

A place to show off your secret talent

A Drop-in with no bottom

A place to display your collection (which usually no-one wants to see)

A place to seek the third chord to finish your song

A place to write, draw and paint

A place to take the first tentative step and display your wares

A place to bring a cushion and sit up a corner

A place to give your work away

A place to gawp and be gawped at

A place to do a crossword

A place to undo a crossword

A place to waste time for those who understand that there is no such thing as wasted time

A bring and by-the-by...

What Lies Beyond invites you to come and waste your time with them and learn that no time is wasted

The content of the event will be dictated by you, and what it is you bring along with you


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