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Sensory Play Days

Play creatively in this hands-on interactive space and explore using inspiring sensory materials.

Assisting with fine motor skill development, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and social interaction.

Book online in advance | £3.83 per child, including babies

Let imaginations soar as your child learns to play creatively in this interactive space. Explore and grow using inspiring sensory materials, where the possibilities are endless! Through the use of open-ended items babies and young children are free to use their imaginations and take their play experience in the direction that they wish to. This session is hands-on, for even the youngest of children, assisting with fine motor skill development, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and social interaction. Above all else it is fun and offers you a wonderful opportunity to play with your child in a relaxed and engaging environment.

Designed for ages 0 - 4


Covid-19 Safety Measures

We want you to feel safe and assured that attending our Sensory Play Days sessions will enable you to have a fun and engaging experience with your children. Here is what we are doing to ensure this for you:

  • Sessions are bookable in advance only. This way we can guarantee we are within our capacity for the space whilst delivering to a reduced number of visitors to our play sessions to allow for more space in the room.
  • This measure will remain in place throughout Autumn and Winter as we stay cautious of Covid infection rates. We will continuously review how the sessions are accessed following on from feedback and consultation with families in the city.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter the session if they have not booked in advance.
  • Sessions will be set up in the studio in a similar format to pre-covid, but with specific measures and restrictions in place, following guidance from the government, using the ‘Indoor Play Areas Operational Guidance’ document.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available upon entering and exiting from the activities.
  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the session.
  • A member of Learning Team will be facilitating the session, monitoring the safety of the environment, but above all else they will be smiling, happy and relaxed to keep your children happy and relaxed too.
  • Test & Trace system QR code to be available as you enter the museum.
  • A ‘Tried and Tasted’ deposit box will be available – this is for parents/carers and staff to deposit items that have been mouthed by children, and will be sanitised at the end of the session.
  • All resources and high touch points to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session.
  • If you have any concerns or questions prior to booking/attending this session please contact (Family Learning Officer).