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Herbert LIVE: Play & Rare Behind the Scenes

We hosted our first livestream via Facebook! We had a few technical teething problems as is often the case when trying out new technology for the first time, but we have uploaded the full live stream here in all its high quality glory.

Jaz talks to Museum Curator, Ali Wells alongside Exhibitions Officer, Dominic Bubb about just what goes into putting such a momumental exhibition together.

Jaz is then joined by super special guest, James, a programmer from Rare Ltd! Makers of such gaming classics as Battletoads, 007: Goldeneye and Banjo-Kazooie. They discuss all things Rare and Sea of Thieves.

There's also the chance to win some pirate loot of your own! Watch the livestream to find out more.

Check out PLAY here, and come along during the summer to visit both of the exhibitions, including Rare: From 8-bit to Xbox One which are completely free and created with accessibility in mind.

Our Media team are also available to hire: check out their other work here