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Archives Blog: She still dislikes “The Taming of the Shrew”

Could a Mayoress also be a Suffragette? Apparently the answer is Yes.

Former Mayoress Gladys Stringer from Ffestiniog, North Wales was an early member of the Suffragettes. Whilst based in Birmingham she met Emmeline Pankhurst on several occasions. Once in Coventry she was associated with other leading local women involved in the suffrage movement such as Enid Stacy, Miss Dawson, Miss Oliver and Mrs Wanley. By and large the Coventry cohort were an orderly lot having mass meetings in Priory Row and the occasional parade.

However sometimes they did destroy letters in pillar boxes and flout authority. From these beginnings Mrs Stringer became involved with the Labour Party and worked tirelessly with them and other bodies to empower and assist those she could. Even in 1967 she stood by her principles and disliked “The Taming of the Shrew” because its implications that women are to be chased, caught and tamed.