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Still time to explore Eliot’s Coventry

The display which celebrates 200 years since the birth of author George Eliot, is viewable at the Herbert until the 26th of April.


Eliot moved to Coventry in 1841. Find out about the connection Eliot had to the city by visiting ‘Exploring Eliot’ at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

There are a variety of items on show, allowing visitors to discover how the city influenced her work. Fascinatingly, parts of Eliot’s novels were based on real people, places and events in the Warwickshire area.

(George Eliot's Opal Ring 1865-1870)

However, ‘Exploring Eliot’ does not simply limit itself to Coventry connections, personal items to Eliot are also on display. For example, this opal ring belonged to her: a ‘favourite stone because it seems to blush and turn pale as if it had a soul’ (Lifted Veil, George Eliot).

A central item on display is a writing desk, which was owned by George Eliot later in life. It is exciting to picture Eliot writing here.

(Grand Piano 1868, John Broadwood and Sons)

Visitors can also discover other interests of Eliot in the Herbert’s permanent galleries. She was a skilled piano player and rediscovered her love of music by the time she moved to Coventry. This piano was bought for Eliot by her partner George Henry Lewes for her 50th birthday.




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