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And the winner is...

Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton has been named the winner of the Coventry Open 2020 with her drawing, The Conversation, taken from her Thin Tissue/Menopause series of art.

Her work has earned her the £1,000 prize at the launch of the exhibition, which is now celebrating its eleventh year, at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

Roberts-Dalton’s work forms part of her Thin Tissue series of over 50 paintings and drawings exploring the themes of the menopause, with another of her canvas paintings also making it into the final selection on display.

Over 340 pieces of work were entered into the competition, with artists from across Coventry, Warwickshire and the wider region submitting their entries for the chance to have their work displayed at the gallery.

Three finalists also received special commendations from the judges for their pieces, with Ryan Hart’s To Run And Never Tire, Ashley Spindler’s Sometimes and Alexander Hatfield’s Jojo all being awarded these honours.

Roberts-Dalton has submitted her work for the biennial Coventry Open nearly every time since it first began, winning the visitor’s vote in 2014 and now the top prize for 2020.

She said: “I am thrilled to have had my work on display for the Coventry Open – having entered nearly every time it’s so great to have won and for people to be able to see my artwork at the museum.

“This is an Indian ink drawing which explores the emotional impact of changes to the body through menopause, as part of my series inspired by my own experiences.

“I think it’s particularly wonderful that a drawing has won this year’s competition, as I truly believe everyone can get involved in drawing as an artistic medium.

“Following this, I am planning to keep expanding the Thin Tissue series of work and to continue creating art in the city – this has been a wonderful opportunity to display what I’ve worked on so far so I am keen to keep building upon this collection.”

Ruark Jon-Stevens at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum added: “The quality of the art submitted has been incredible and it’s great to see that Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton will have her art on display again, after winning the visitor’s vote in 2014.

“The Coventry Open helps us to support both new and established artists in the region and encourages local artists to get involved and have their work on display in the city so it was great to see so many people attending the launch event.”

The finalists’ artwork will be on display until Sunday, April 19 and admission to the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is free.

To get involved with the visitor’s vote, simply come and choose your favourite entry.