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Henley Green Castle Mystery

Recently, Melvyn Evans of Henley Green came in to the Coventry History Centre to research a childhood mystery of his. Having grown up in Henley Green, he used to play in the area when he was young, and often recalled spending time around an estate which housed a castle complete with a moat. 

When Mr Evans was a child the area was surrounded by mines, and it was rumoured that a mine manager committed suicide in the castle after he learned he was responsible for the deaths of miners under his care. The only evidence Mr Evans has been able to find about the castle was that it was built circa 1850 and was purchased by the Council in 1947. 

No more information on exactly when it was built, by whom and for who seems to exist, so Mr Evans came to look at the records in the History Centre. Looking through old auction catalogues and maps Mr Evans is still searching for an answer for a larger project in which he is compiling a history of the Henley Green area. 

Sadly the castle burnt down at the beginning of the new century, but Mr Evans worked to get the surrounding area converted into a park so future generations can enjoy the area.

Article by Sara Johnstone, History Centre volunteer