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#HerbertLandscapes competition winners!

Inspired by our latest exhibition, Quinn: A Journey, we launched the #HerbertLandscapes competition asking members of the public to submit photographs they had taken of landscapes.

Shortly after we launched the competition, the COVID19 lockdown began. As a result, we altered the competition to #HerbertEnvironments - asking you to submit photos of the environments around you – whether that was your front room or a local street when out for your daily exercise.  

Our panel of judges were blown away with the quality of the 1000+ submissions but managed to select two worthy winners.

The panel was made up by:

  • Lottie Davies, Artist and Photographer, Creator of Quinn: A Journey.
  • Rachel Marsden, Curator of Quinn: A Journey
  • Jane Murphy, Corporate Director, Culture Coventry
  • Francis Ranford, Cultural & Creative Director, Culture Coventry

The two winners are Mark Pemberton and Rebecca Thompson, their incredible images can be found below.

Mark Pemberton 

"My photograph was taken at Coundon Wood off Long Lane, when I saw this wooded path with beautiful patches of forget me nots, it just looked magical and I was desperate to catch the essence of the could imagine fairies appearing at any time, it's become my most liked photograph and one I am deeply proud of.

Rebecca Thompson

"I love capturing people and the local environment in abstract ways and often try to do this with reflections and in particular, puddles. The reflection here gives the viewer an image of not only what is seen by the photographer, but a further hint of their surroundings by showing the texture of the paving. 

The image was taken in Coventry, on the Canal basin bridge, and is an inverted reflection in a puddle. I wanted to show the ever-growing city skyline and waited on the bridge in the rain, waiting for the perfect moment for someone to walk into frame."

We are sure you will join us in congratulating two very worthy winners!