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NHS unveils Greener Healthcare exhibition

Portrait photos of NHS staff on display in the Herbert Art Gallery, alongside an info panel reading, "Care for the Future: Delivering the world's first net zero health service"

NHS England unveils Care for the Future: Delivering the World’s First Net Zero Health Service exhibition

Now on display at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, the photography exhibition, captured by portrait photographer, Justin Lambert, features NHS staff – from pharmacists to surgeons, mental health professionals to health visitors – who have pioneered greener healthcare initiatives for the benefit of their patients and the communities they serve.

First desiplayed at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow where it was seen by political leaders from across the globe, the exhibition will be on display in Coventry until 1 June, before touring to NHS Trusts across the UK throughout the rest of 2022.

Among the practices featured in the exhibition is Foleshill Health Centre, the first healthcare building in the UK to receive Passivhaus certification, a rigorous global standard for energy-efficient design. 

Dr Mesbahuddin Syeed, a GP at Foleshill Health Centre in Coventry, said, “We are proud to have the UK’s greenest health building in our local community. It provides a calm and reassuring environment for our patients.”

Two photo portraits of NHS staff. On the left, a woman in blue scrubs holds a baby next to a cot on a maternity ward. On the right, a woman in a blue cardigan sits on a wall with the sea behind her and a bicycle resting against the wall in front of her Two photo portraits of NHS staff. On the left, a man in a patka and blue shirt stands in a pharmacy, holding a box of medicines. On the right, a woman in white scrubs sits at a laptop computer, holding up an orange tennis ball

Francis Nielsen, Cultural & Creative Director for Culture Coventry Trust said, “This exhibition celebrates the incredible work of NHS staff and highlights how they are leading the way in the fight against climate change. We are delighted to display the works at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum this May.”

The Passivhaus building on Livingstone Road in Foleshill is highly insulated with sustainable innovations including solar panels, triple-glazed windows, LED lighting, and a heat recovery system. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with exceptionally low energy costs. It has electric car charging points and bicycle storage. The new GP surgery has five consulting rooms and two treatment rooms.

Dr Sarah Raistrick, Chair of NHS Coventry and Warwickshire CCG, said “We are incredibly excited that this exhibition, which features this fantastic, new, energy-efficient building, has now come home to our city.” 

Two portraits of NHS staff. On the left, a man in red scrubs stands in a wood, dappled light falling through the trees. On the right, a woman in blue stands by a boating dock

The health centre is a partnership between Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and NHS Coventry and Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the tenants Foleshill Surgery, a GP practice, part of Coventry and Rugby GP Alliance.

Find out more about the #GreenerNHS or read the Foleshill Health Centre case study.

Five photo portraits of NHS staff leading green initiatives hang on the wall of the Herbert Art Gallery