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In 1939 a unique project aimed to capture a visual record of the fast-changing landscapes of Britain. 

The results of this extraordinary project can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum's Recording Britain exhibition, which is currently on display at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry.

We hope that the exhibition will inspire Coventrians to record their city as it is today, so we've created the 'Recording Coventry' project. To get involved, simply join us in capturing the city in photographs – snap what you see, upload it to facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #recordingcoventry, and share what makes Coventry your city.

There are no prizes, there will be no 'real-world' exhibition - but we hope that by spreading the #RecordingCoventry love across social networks, together we can capture ordinary yet unique moments in Coventry's story and share them with each other and the rest of the world.