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WonderFace project inspires students

‘Inspiring our pupils to go and create the future they have dreamt.’

School Principal feedback on the project

Each year the Learning team links up with Coventry secondary schools as part of the Museums & Schools programme to organise a small number of artist led projects. This term they worked with Alex, Billy, Viney, Rarity and Louis from Woodfield School (ranging from school years 9-11).

  students using video and static cameras

Taking the Face to Face exhibition of portraits as inspiration, the students worked with the Herbert Media team using photography, film and special effects software to produce a music video over two and a half days.

The students chose a music track to use which was Wonderwall by Oasis and they visited the Face to Face exhibition, particularly to view the images of David Bowie and The Beatles. They then learnt how to use equipment including green screen and cameras – taking turns to be in front of the camera too.

boy with drum kit against green screen  guitarist against green screen being filmed

When the music video was finished the students spent more time in Face to Face to make their own photographic portraits inspired by the poses used in the exhibition. They also all chose their favourite portrait to photograph and enjoyed using the props in the costume corner. 

girl posing with union flag 

The group then created a slide show about the project, which they showed alongside the music video at a sharing event at the Herbert. The event was attended by school staff, including the school principal, parents, staff from Henley and Hereward College and members of Culture Coventry Board of Trustees. 

There was great feedback from students and teachers alike:

Students’ feedback:
“I liked that I had to go on a green screen & photography”
“Because it was a chance to be creative”
“One day I can show someone how to photoshop”
“I learnt how to add different frames together”

a group of students post for a photo

Teachers’ feedback
“Just wanted to thank you for inviting me to the inspiring presentation of the Woodfield pupils' media project. I was really impressed with the quality of the video and photos in such a short period of time. Verity really could be the third Gallagher! 
To see them engaged in group activities, dressing up and style posing was fantastic. The smiles and laughter was evidence of how much they enjoyed themselves. It was also great to see the pride the pupils and parents had in the finished product… I truly believe that this experience will give all that took part the confidence to go and create a more positive future for themselves with the knowledge that they have the ability to achieve.”

Audience’s feedback:
“Stunned by how good it was. Would never believe it was achieved in 2 ½ days”
“Love how this project has encouraged students to try things that they were initially very reluctant to, but really got into it.”
“Thank you. A very positive project, all seemed to enjoy themselves & learnt a lot as well”
”Loved the music tracks. Portrait photos were really good. Well done.”
“Massive thanks. Excellent project once again!”

The project was made possible by Museums & Schools programme funding.