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We played up big style...

On Saturday we opened the Herbert for an evening of family friendly fun hosting a huge live art activity called Playing Up!  We had tomato sauce and ketchup fights, ‘gorilla’ protests, kids cutting parent’s hair, we smashed up tech items and created a sculpture from the debris, and so much more.  There was a UV disco in the studio, we screened amazing short films from around the world, and Alfred's hosted a creating space where families could chat whilst modelling clay and making bead jewellery.  

Devised by artist Sibylle Peters and created in collaboration between the Live Art Development Agency and Tate Modern the Playing Up game invites families to recreate live art works of the past 30 years.  

child dressed in boiler suit and goggles with water pistol

We had fantastic feedback, with people posting their own photos such as the 'ketchup ninja' here. Here are just a couple of comments:

"A massive thank you to all the staff for last night it was a very interesting evening full of fun and games and very informative my daughter had have a good night"

"A BIG thank you to all the lovely staff who made tonight's 'playing up' event so brilliant. It was our first time at a late event and we were a little apprehensive as to what to expect but your staff enthusiasm got us stuck in and we all throughly enjoyed the evening! Wonderful. Definitely be back for more events. Great job x"