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Volunteers Week: Alan's Story

Over the next few days we will be sharing some of the stories and experiences from our great troupe of Volunteers

Today we're starting with one of our longest serving volunteers, Alan...

"I have been a volunteer at the Herbert, and at times the Transport Museum, for over 8 years now. During this time I have been involved with many, varied exhibitions and events. From the Ancient Egyptians, to Wallace & Gromit, Grayson Perry, Lego, Dinosaurs and Museums at Night - the list is endless!

All of the above have been both interesting and informative. With every new exhibition, comes new facts and pieces of information to learn - working here means you are constantly learning, and finding out about a diverse range of subjects.

The Staff here at the Herbert are very willing to help you and ensure your time spent in the gallery is enjoyable. The atmosphere here volunteering a very pleasant experience.

Also, I have had the chance to go on many training courses, helping to make our visitor's experience both safe and pleasant for all. Recently, along with other members of staff, I visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, in preparation for our summer exhibition Fearsome Craftsmen: Discover the Artistry of the Viking World.

I have a good time volunteering here and can recommend it to anyone willing to help out and gain useful experience along the way."


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