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Herbert Media team up with local schools for award win

Herbert Media have just won the Emerging Talent award at Oska Bright Film Festival in Brighton.  The team won for the music video Monster Party which was produced through the landmark Creative Bridges programme, funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

Herbert Media Team receiving the award

Creative Bridges used cultural and creative engagement to aid transition to independent adult life for young people aged 16 – 25 with a learning disability. Monster Party was made in year 2 of the programme.

To produce the award-winning video the media team worked with three local special schools – Oakwood Secondary School in Nuneaton, and Sherbourne Fields and Baginton Fields in Coventry.

Monster Party was created by eight young men with learning difficulties.  The group was inspired by the Michael Jackson Thriller video to make a film on a Halloween theme.  Not only did they co-produce the script, make the sets, compose the music and write the lyrics, they also acted in the film.  Green screen technology was used extensively to place the actors in the scenes and the song was recorded in the Herbert’s professional recording studio.  Teachers and the media team also feature in the portraits on the walls of the haunted house.

The actors being filming in monster costume against a screen

The team are delighted to have won, for this, their first ever film festival entry. Monster Party was awarded the Emerging Talent award, which was presented by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove.  Herbert Media are currently seeking further funding to continue work in this area.