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Teachers are inspired on INSET days


"The staff had a great time and Brian and Rich were great. They included the things I asked for and explained everything really well. The large art work we produced based on the John Piper painting looked fab. I am currently looking for somewhere to display it! It was a great way to start the term and I would definitely recommend this to other schools."

Two teacher training days (INSET) took place at the Herbert in early January, providing an inspiring start to 2018. The sessions were led by learning specialists Brian Scholes and Rich Brookes from the Herbert.

a woman looking closely at a stereoscope (left eye and right eye images next to each other)   a pencil sketch of a face

Teachers from Westgate Primary School and the Canons School were able to explore the galleries and spend time learning new art skills. This included making a giant collage inspired by John Piper’s painting of Coventry Cathedral.

a large floor collage   a large group of teachers standing withe the collage

It was an enjoyable day, with collaborative work sparking lots of new ideas to take back to the classroom:

"Loved creating the group art work in the afternoon ! It was fun to create and worked excellently when put together."
"The idea of using art to generate stories and to tell historical stories."
"Building one large piece of art together, a lovely idea for art school."
"Mixture of activities - practical and ideas to take back to do with children."

group work around tables, trying sketching techniques

The participants were asked what new or surprising things they had learned, replies included:

"A human is 7 1/2 heads tall."
"Everyone can do art."
"Modern art is a range of different media not just abstract."

a smiling woman tries on a decorative wrap

An enjoyable and educational day for all! To find out more about arranging an INSET day, please contact Nicky McIntosh on 024 76234271 or via email.