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Discover Godiva

Explore the Legend of Lady Godiva online in our digital exhibition

This Gallery explores the legend of Lady Godiva and her famous naked ride through the streets of Coventry. It also looks at the legacy of Godiva and examines what we know about the real person.

Discover Godiva features some of our most popular paintings of Lady Godiva, including works by John Collier, Edwin Landseer and Alfred Woolmer. There are objects relating to the Godiva processions and to the use of Godiva's name over the years. The final section features Anglo-Saxon objects from the time of Godiva.

There is plenty to do in this gallery including films and a cartoon to watch, hands-on activities and a storytelling area for families and children.

Nobody knows for certain whether Godiva actually rode naked through Coventry. In the Discover Godiva Gallery you can look at the evidence for the ride and decide whether you think it happened or not.

For Familes

This family orientated discovery gallery explores the story of Lady Godiva's famous ride through Coventry through objects from the museum's collection and interactives.

Begin by watching a short cartoon about the tale and then investigate the story further by reading surviving documents and viewing magnificent paintings of the Godiva story by famous artists.

Try on costume and act out the story for yourself or listen to other tales from around the world in the World of Stories area. With films of past Godiva processions to watch and a 'spot the dog' trail around the paintings, there is plenty to ensure your family will be Godiva experts.