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‘Bombed - A Trilogy’ by Saranjit Birdi

This immersive, combined-arts installation explores bombing, war and conflict resolution. 

The exhibition is themed around World War II blitzes of Coventry, Dresden and Birmingham, relating them to current issues.

A mixed media artwork showing a silhouetted figure standing in front of a window with fire behind it and metal structures in the foreground. A painting of a frightened-looking woman running away from something. Behind her is a nighttime cityscape. A photograph of headstones in a graveyard

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More than 70 years after the end of the Second World War, countries around the world continue to live under the shadow of bombing. Saranjit Birdi’s Bombed: A Trilogy is a combined arts exhibition of new and retrospective works themed around bombing, war and conflict resolution. 

Through a fusion of painting, dance, music, poetry and more, Birdi's work explores the World War II Blitzes of Coventry, Dresden and Birmingham and their relationship with current events, using testimonies from both British and German Blitz survivors.

CONTENT WARNING: This exhibition contains sounds and images exploring war, battle and bombing, which some may find disturbing. If you are affected by themes of Bombed: A Trilogy, support is available from the following charities:

STEPWAY - Supporting all veterans in civilian life
AFVBC - Armed Forces Breakfast Club
ASDIC - Association of Service Drop-in Centres
SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity

Find out more about the making of the exhibition from Saranjit Birdi in our video below.