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Divided Selves: Community Flags Project

A collection of flags created by community groups using Larry Achiampong’s work as inspiration. Part of the Divided Selves exhibition.

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The flags displayed here have been created by community groups using Larry’s symbols as inspiration and only four colours. The groups designed a hand-stitched flag to represent them, their identity, ideas and hopes for the future.

The exhibition Divided Selves, shown in the galleries around the corner, explores ideas of community, belonging and togetherness through the work of 26 artists and collectives.

One of the exhibitors is British Ghanaian artist Larry Achiampong, who is showing a large flag called Pan African Flag For The Relic Travellers’
Alliance (Ascension). Pan African relates to all people of African birth or descent. Larry uses different art making-methods to investigate class, gender, culture and our digital lives.

Larry’s work in Divided Selves is one of a series of four imagined flags he made to represent the 54 countries of Africa, should they join
to form a large single system. Each element in the flag is carefully chosen. The 54 stars represent the 54 countries of Africa: the colours
green, black and red reflect its land, people and their struggles, the area of yellow gold represents a new day and success. Larry has arranged these colours and shapes to look like a person moving.

The Herbert would like to thank Coventry Men’s Shed, Foleshill Creates, Inini and In Stitches (Escape Arts Nuneaton) for taking part in this co-curated community collaboration.