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Live Screen at The Herbert

7.00pm to 10.00pm

Live Screen @ The Herbert is here!

Home for Waifs and Strays, with the help of Arts Council England, DASH and the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, have commisioned four artists who have difficulty leaving their homes for periods of time due to disability,  to each develop a new performance that will be streamed live into the Herbert.

The project endeavours to push the boundaries of accessibility in creating and delivering performance and aims to show that you can exhibit live performances by performers who find it difficult to be present using contemporary technology whilst maintaining quality audience encounters.


Each of the performances will also be broadcast on the Home For Waifs And Strays Youtube channel.

Artist Profiles:

Edie Jo Murray
Edie Jo Murray uses digital media to explore notions of fluidity in perceptions of reality and self. Working largely with computer generated imagery and code, she considers variations of existence afforded by the contemporary digital landscape. These concerns are filtered through an experiential lens of reality distortion and neurodivergence, aligned with experiences of growing up immersed in technology and digital culture.

Gaia Redgrave

Since graduating in 2012, I have focused my practice on performance. I am specifically interested in enabling the audience to experience the performance rather than simply view. Using word, I aim to influence them to feel, question or understand a particular issue or situation. Feedback in the form of individual reaction is important to me allowing the created to become real within those present. Concepts, processes and personal experience feed my work to the point that the process, and the experience of, and any new understanding arising from, is the primary reason for creating and delivering the piece. The performance can often be described as an installation of words due to the resulting experience.

Gavin Thackray-Jones
My current discipline is drawing and painting, which are on different scales of surfaces such as; paper and canvases. I draw and paint portraits, I produce visually stunning imagery through the application of paint as a collage . My style has been influenced by my constraints and dexterity. My interest with American popular culture, 1980s iconography and cityscapes such as; London and New York grew from listening to and watching 80s music videography as well as extensive travel to New York. My work aims to have a vibrant appearance to the surfaces and visual ambiguity. Furthermore I do live streaming on Facebook and Instagram where people across the world can watch me in my creative state.

Vicky Roden
I’m a Birmingham based multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of media including textiles, embroidery, taxidermy and in particular Live Art. Primarily focussing on the sinister, mythological and archaic much of my work explores death, ritual, and traditionally powerful female figures such as eccentric adventuress, the staunch pub landlady and the maiden aunt. My work aims to manifest these eccentric elements into the everyday, and I often find one to one performance and uncanny soft sculpture are particularly effective in creating a slightly other-worldy yet entirely tangible basis for audiences to engage with. I have been a selected artist for New Art West Midlands exhibiting at The Barber Institute and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I currently have work on display in the BMAG ‘Mini Museum’ and am currently managing the studios and overseeing the relaunch of The Wig at Gt Tindal St, Birmingham.

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