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Algorave is a combination of "algorithms" and "rave", the opportunity to dance to alien rhythms and freaky visuals, all created from code before your eyes. The Algorave scene is fast-growing around the world, with Sheffield a strong centre, building on its fine roots in electronic music history.

(Image credit: Antonio Roberts)

An evening of futuristic electronic rhythms, brought to you by some of the leading lights of the Algorave movement, including one of the artists behind our WONDER exhibition, Antonio Roberts. Experience the exciting and unpredictable phenomenon of algorithms brought to life as music and visuals. 


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(Image Credit - Richard Hodgkinson)

hellocatfood is the alias of Antonio Roberts, an artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. Using open source software and glitch art techniques he creates live generative glitch visuals. 
Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube



(Image cedit - Jack Mugglestone)

Carol is an artist whose work explores the changing face of image-making in an age where digital technology is impacting human agency and vision.


Rosa Francesca

(Image credit - Antonio Roberts)

Rosa Francesca is an artist and musician living in Leamington Spa. She mainly works with facial recognition and biofeedback technology to explore the themes of science, art and accessibility. 
YouTube | Instagram


Maria Witek

(Image credit - Maria Witek

Polish-Norwegian music scientist working in Birmingham 

heavy lifting

(Image credit - Mind Aperture)

Heavy Lifting is Lucy live coding in a different dimension. For fans of acid basslines and mischievous minor deities.  Her new album Thanks for Watching is out on pan y rosas discos on 1st September.

Website | Soundcloud


(Image credit - innocent)

innocent (which is his real name) is a live coder based in Yorkshire. He brings a fusion of modern melodic synths with rhythmic dance beats in live environment. His aim is to make you dance, or at least, nod and sway energetically!
YouTube | Soundcloud


"The scene at an algorave is often what you'd expect from any good techno night - a dark room, engaging visuals. a decent, bass-heavy speaker set-up, and lots of people ready to dance. .. performers at algoraves respond to each other and the audience in real time, often projecting the lines of code onto the walls as they type. lt’s coding as improvisation and experiment.." - The Wire magazine

"Live coders write computer programs live, while the programs generate their music, but the focus is on people dancing and seriously enjoying themselves" - Dazed and Confused

".. not so much a revolution as a de-volution, a rolling back to the backend of music production, where the possibilities of the encoded information inside computer software is open and endless" - Mixmag


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Suitable for 18+

(Main Image credit Mads Led Behrend)