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Mini Makers – Messy Play

Creative fun for little hands and feet in these informal art sessions.

Expose little ones to early mark making, enabling them to develop good concentration, muscle control and encourage their imaginations. Be prepared to get messy!

Book online in advance | £9.21 per group. Each group ticket is for up to a maximum of 6 people (including children and adults)

There is tons of creative fun for little hands and feet in this relaxed and engaging art session. Babies and toddlers will have the opportunity to explore various materials across the sessions including paint, glitter, paste, sand, clay, slimy spaghetti, chalk and much more. Messy play is an important element of early childhood development, appealing to children’s curiosity and helping them to understand the world through their senses. These sessions will also expose them to early mark making, enabling them to develop good concentration, muscle control and encourage their imaginations. Be prepared to get messy for both children and adults!

Designed for ages 0 - 4 

Upcoming themes:

September 9th – Musical Makers – As the 2 Tone: Lives and Legacies exhibition comes to a close, let your children explore art in a musical way. They will ping rubber bands to make vibrating paintings, mark-make with drumsticks, explore monochrome sensory trays filled with shredded paper, leave their mark on the dancefloor as they stomp through paint as, dancing to the beat of music and craft their own trumpet too.

September 30th – All About Autumn – Embrace the warm colours of autumn in this month’s messy play event where handprints will be turned into falling leaves, sensory trays will be lined with lentils, pumpkin potions will be brewed and so much more.

November 4th – Festival of Fireworks – Celebrate special events happening throughout November with a lot of sparkle, colour and pattern, as our youngest visitors make splash-tastic fireworks, explore crackling sensory trays, create clay diva lamps and explore pattern making with rice on our rangoli tables.

December 2nd – Creative Christmas – It’s time to get festive as babies and toddlers dive into trays filled with cinnamon scented cloud dough snow, make sooty footprints as they walk in the footsteps of Father Christmas, design very unique and colourful wrapping paper and lots more.

January 6th – The Wonders of Winter – In the calm and quiet of January, embrace the winter season with serene sensory play as children explore small world ice trays, dive feet first into foamy snow, make melted snowmen paintings and cute keepsake handprint mittens.

It is advisable that you and your child wear items of clothing that you are happy to risk getting paint on. Whilst the paint is water based it may stain if not washed out quickly. Many of our regular visitors have a dedicated 'messy' outfit for the purposes of enjoying this session to its fullest extent, with a spare outfit to change into afterwards.


Covid-19 Safety Measures

We want you to feel safe and assured that attending our Mini Makers sessions will enable you to have a fun and engaging experience with your children. Here is what we are doing to ensure this for you:

  • Sessions are bookable in advance only. This way we can guarantee we are within our capacity for the space whilst delivering to a reduced number of visitors to our play sessions to allow for more space in the room.
  • This measure will remain in place throughout Autumn and Winter as we stay cautious of Covid infection rates. We will continuously review how the sessions are accessed following on from feedback and consultation with families in the city.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter the session if they have not booked in advance.
  • Sessions will be set up in the studio in a new format, with zoned areas for each group of family and friends to use, to avoid crossover between children and eliminate shared resources that are of a raw nature (paint, cereal, rice, etc).
  • Each play space will be clearly marked out on the floor using wipeable, waterproof splash mats.
  • Each play space will have replicated activities, so all children are receiving the same experience.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available upon entering and exiting from the activities.
  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the session.
  • A member of Learning Team will be facilitating the session, monitoring the safety of the environment, but above all else they will be smiling, happy and relaxed to keep your children happy and relaxed too.
  • Test & Trace system QR code to be available as you enter the museum.
  • All resources and high touch points to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session.
  • If you have any concerns or questions prior to booking/attending this session please contact (Family Learning Officer).

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