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A Crash Course in Cloudspotting - By Raquel Meseguer Zafe

An invitation to pause. To rest. To listen.

Sound experience 7 - 20 Oct (Free)

The immersive sound experience is 25 mins without the artist present.

Live performance 7 - 16 Oct (£3 - £5)

Sound experience and live show is 55 mins with the artist present.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting is an intimate audio journey exploring the depths of human connection and the subversive act of lying down.

Over the past four years Raquel Meseguer Zafe has collected over 250 stories from people living with invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses around the country. This immersive audio installation invites you into the heart of these personal experiences by weaving together some of the stories and voices. In this delicate and beautiful space, Coventry residents and participants from across the UK and Europe, will illuminate your horizontal journey with a gentle choreography of lights, activated in the space by patterns of rest we so rarely see. 

“A Crash Course in Cloudspotting is about finding, making, and acknowledging the connections between people….the show lets us imagine ourselves as part of a web reaching out across the world.” Exeunt Magazine. 

This installation & live performance project, includes Relaxed performances, Audio Description and Touch Tours. The Cloudspotting Digital Archive featuring Coventry stories will be launched in October 2021.

Raquel Meseguer Zafe is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She acknowledges 'crip' as a tool in her artistic process, and 'rest' as a creative impulse. Raquel is the artistic director of Unchartered Collective, a Lost Dog Associate Artist, and a Pervasive Media Studios Resident. Her work is supported by Unlimited and MAYK.

Conceived by Raquel Meseguer Zafe. Devised in collaboration with Artist & Theatre Designer Sophia Clist, Composer & Sound Artist Jamie McCarthy, Associate Artist Laura Dannequin, Artist & Designer Tom Metcalfe, Sound Designer Charles Webber. Software Developers David Haylock & Joseph Horton. Publication Design by Lily Green (No Bindings).

Coventry edition is co-commissioned by Coventry 2021 and Unlimited with Arts Council England Support. Co-produced by MAYK and Coventry 2021 with support from Grapevine.  Originally commissioned by Camden Alive and Unlimited. Part of the Green Futures programme #GreenFutures 

“This piece is one of the most significant Unlimited have supported, as it redefines not just who can become involved but how. For too long access has ignored the needs of a significant proportion of disabled people - those with energy related impairments. This work makes the invisible visible, and gives agency over to those who are usually ‘unseen’. And it does so beautifully, showing us that we are truly equal after all.” - Jo Verrent, Senior Producer, Unlimited

“Beguiling and thoughtful.” - Exeunt Magazine