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Art Masterclass - Coventry Cartoon Weaving

In this workshop, turn an image of Coventry into a mixed media masterpiece!

Working on a preprepared canvas, select an area to embellish with weaving and embroidery skills. Draw your abstract pattern onto paper (known as cartooning) and use your drawing as a guide to weave and bring the piece to life.

Click here to book online in advance | £11.37 per child

Designed for age 8 -16 | All children have to be accompanied by an adult

This latest Art Masterclass instalment will enable children to develop their weaving and embroidery skills.

Guided by our skilled Learning Team, they will explore ‘cartooning’ which creates a picture within a weave. Participants will be provided with a canvas featuring a preprepared image* of a Coventry landmark.

Children will select an area to embellish, set up the warp, and create an abstract ‘cartoon’ to use as a guide when weaving. In addition to using a plain weave, the children will have the opportunity to explore different weaving patterns to create different textures within their mixed media masterpiece, making a truly unique, scenic artwork to take home.

*Want to choose your own image? Send your image to by Friday 11th February 2022, and we will prepare a canvas with your chosen image. We would recommend choosing an image with buildings and plants, where up to a quarter of the image could be removed to create the woven area. The email address will be sent in the booking details.

Our series of art masterclasses are fantastic for encouraging creative minds and enhancing the skills of young artists.  

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